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Pumpkins Galore

I've had pumpkins on the brain this weekend (not to be confused with having a pumpkin brain) and wanted to use up some fabric I've had for quite some time. Presenting...more pumpkin softies!  I'd previously made some out of a baby blanket (check it out here), these are made out of pumpkin fabric scraps and an old wool sweater.
For the larger pumpkins, I traced around an embroidery hoop onto the fabric, while the smaller one is the size of a plate.  Cut out the fabric circles, then use wide stitches (about 1/2 inch or so from the edge) around the entire circle.  (The original instructions recommended dental floss since the thread can easily break when you start pulling on it.  I doubled my thread, and it worked fine.)  Gently pull on both ends of the thread, cinching the top of the pumpkin.  I started stuffing my pumpkin before knotting the thread tightly around the stem (for these pumpkins I used polyester fill that I had on hand but you can use newspaper, fabric scraps, etc.)       
Since I couldn't find the right size twigs for the larger pumpkin stems, I wrapped twine around glue sticks.  First, tie a knot at the end, dab some glue on the middle of the glue stick cap and wrap the twine around the top and make your way around the glue stick.  Periodically dab more glue to secure the twine as you wrap it around the glue stick.  I only wrapped about half of the glue stick with the twine since it was going to be hidden inside of the pumpkin. 
A recycled wool sweater is the perfect texture for a fabric pumpkin.  Add a twig from outside, and voila!  A colorful, fuzzy pumpkin!
Presenting, my Pumpkin Princess!
There's nothing that I won't consider putting onto a headband or barrette!  For the headband above, I wrapped a plain headband with the same pumpkin fabric scraps I used above for the pumpkin softies and glued a miniature pumpkin onto the headband.  The one below is a recycled fabric headband with a miniature pumpkin glued onto it.  The perfect seasonal accessory!!!
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Anonymous said...

Miki, that is so cute!! When I was a baby my family all called me Pumpkin Head which later got shortened to punkin. I had that name till I was in my early teens. Your pumpkin head is much cuter!!

Love the Decor! said...

The Pumpkins are darling!! and so is your little sweetie

Jennifer Juniper said...

I really love the twine around the stem!

Unknown said...

These are so adorable!! Thanks for visiting my Vintage Inspired Romantic Pumpkin. Please be sure to visit:
They're having a Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Be sure to show your support and vote for Tesoro Fino! Thank you!

Jessica said...

So cute! And your daughter is a DOLL!!! :)


AllieMakes! said...

These are really sweet! Fabulous for fall decoration!
Thanks for linking up to Making It with Allie! I look forward to seeing you next week.

KimMalk said...

Very cute, I like the jute around the stem and your model is adorable.