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How cute is my butterfly?!?

She inspires me to create and is my design partner for headbands and other hair ornaments. To make these, I wrapped ribbon around plain headbands, securing the ends with glue and making sure to wrap ribbon over them. For the orange headband, I glued the flower to the top of the headband and then used thread to additionally secure it onto the headband. I pulled the green flower apart and glued each layer onto the headband, including some of the larger petals. Rhinestones add some sparkle in the center. My daughter wore the green headband to church today and looked adorable! To coordinate with her, I pinned one of the green flowers onto a black cap with a large safety pin.

I couldn't resist showcasing the headbands with some artsy photographs. I have more plans for these flowers... dressing up a plain, black cardigan with some properly made flower pins (the safety pin was awkward and barely concealed), a multi-flower headband, and more. Do you have any great ideas for flower crafts?

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Anonymous said...

I love them. I so see my daughter in those. I love them. I saw some that had a cute ribbon bow and button the other day at a church fair.