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Snapshots of Our New Home in Colorado...A Pictoral Essay

One of the most amazing things about living in Colorado are the views of the mountains.  This is what we are blessed to see as we drive around town...breathtaking!      

This pagoda is located in my neighborhood at a Japanese park alongside a small stream.  With sports fields, a playground and pool, we will be spending a lot of time here!

This fiery plant was at the entrance of another park that we visited as we toured our new area.  Another fantastic aspect of Colorado are the number of parks, trails and biking paths everywhere.

An industrial component on the other side of this park and lake.  I like the contrast of the gritty steel...
...with the beauty of the lake and river.

Downtown consists of Main Street, a mix of new and old buildings, cute shops, lots of restaurants and various businesses that also extend a few blocks to the east and west.   
Interesting details on downtown buildings and signs.

Charming homes by the entrance of a park 
that is also close to our neighborhood.
Inside the park...

The end of our day exploring the town...


Birthday Thoughts

©Joy Prescott |
Today is my 39th birthday, woo hoo!  It's been a low-key day, starting off with a light drizzle outside that turned into a raging snowstorm late afternoon. 

Inside, the work of unpacking and setting up a cutie home continues.  Two pendant lamps that were given to me needed a home.  One secured a spot above my vanity area, while the other still remains homeless.  I have some fantastic fabric I got on clearance at Walmart to cover them with - oh, I can't wait to get back to creative projects!!!  I am definitely going to keep my sewing machine unpacked and close by.  There are pink curtains to finish and lots and lots of knee patches to salvage my active boy's pants!  A naked Easter Egg tree and a crystal egg are the only decor out and about.  Scandalous!

Is there anything I want at 39???  Besides these cardboard boxes out of my house and a live-in maid and cook?  Nope, what I want cannot be found in a store.  I want peace in my heart, joy in my home and s-t-a-b-i-l-i-t-y.  Beyond that, I am excited about the approaching 4-0. 

I have looked forward to turning 40 ever since I was in my twenties.  Sounds a little crazy, I know.  Maybe it's because I've always felt older than my age.  I've seen and experienced a lot in my life, and it's made me want to bypass the fluff to get to what really matters.  Rose-colored hues turned to a jolting black & white early for me.  

40.  I believe it's when a woman reaches a certain peak in her life of Security.  Stability.  Knowing her own mind.  Being less apologetic.  Speaking with authority and confidence and grace.  To me, a woman is incredibly beautiful at 40.  The gentle lines on her face speak of knowledge, experience and living.  There's a vulnerability and strength there, a lioness versus a cute cub.  And it gets better from 40 on.  So I will celebrate every day of being 39, enjoying the path that leads me to 40. 


1700 Miles Later

© Markstout |
I apologize for the lack of postings....we just moved!  And I am digging my way out of cardboard boxes, trying to create some pretty in the midst of this chaos.  It's kind of nice, actually, to have a blank slate to work with.  I look forward to sharing photos of our cozy new home...soon.  The Habitat for Humanity resale store (right around the way!) had some amazing finds for us - we got a wood twin bed and desk for $15.00 each!  And I am finally near a Hobby Lobby store, which I've heard mentioned so many times in other creative blogs.  I cannot wait to go treasure hunting!  In the meantime, I have artwork and curtains to hang, a French room to create and sports themed items to locate.  More soon!!!

And the above picture is a good representation of the breathtaking view of the mountains we get to see as we cruise around town.  I can't wait to get my camera out and capture some of the beauty of this amazing place.  Ahh, I think I like it here!


Going Crazy with Raffia and Jute Twine

I am currently in the midst of a move across the country, (this East Coast girl is heading out to Colorado!), but here is a taste of some projects I was working on right up until everything had to get dumped into boxes:
I got these decorative balls on clearance at Target and fell in love with the color of this raffia from Michaels.  Everything from these balls to plastic eggs have been wrapped in this delicious turquoise.  I am so loving blue...AND my brother brought me a going away gift of two gorgeous Persian rugs that he picked up from his time overseas!!!  One (amazingly!) has turquoise in it while the other has a tan, gold and sage pattern.  I'm taking it as a deposit and a sign of greater things in our future with this huge move.  Side note:  my brother is a hero who has been serving his country for a number of years.  I am so proud of him and his dedication to excellence.    
I really like the texture of jute twine but haven't been as drawn to the natural tan color that it usually comes in.  This dark jute twine, found in the jewelry section at Michaels, suits me perfectly.  The rich color adds a level of elegance along with the rough texture.  Instead of painting this candlestick, I wrapped it in the twine for something different.  And I've wrapped numerous plastic eggs in it as well.  My Easter decor is going to go way beyond pastel colors for sure!    

I look forward to sharing the finished projects in our new place...when we are settled in a bit.  In the meantime, I may be doing some traveling make-up tips.  Something practical but fun.  Life is the adventure we make it!     


Orange You Glad?

From advertisements to lipsticks, orange has been showing up a lot lately. I have always been drawn to the color orange - it's a whimsical, not-too-serious color with a bold impact. It's not as strong as red or as cheerful as yellow, but it is a blend of both. It conjures up cozy images of Autumn...falling leaves, pumpkins, and a roaring fire. And the optimism of Spring rolling into Summer...bright flowers, citrus fruits, and lingering sunsets. Oranges range from a fiery splash to a gentle peach and everything in between.
© Jurgen Kleykamp |
© Jurgita Genyte |
© Anna Rutkovskaya |
© Nikolay Okhitin |
© Luba V Nel |
© Sherri Camp |
Consider orange as a splash to your Spring and Summer wardrobe or on your face with a sweep of eyeshadow or lipstick. For a more subtle look to enhance a healthy glow, try peach blushes and lip gloss. Look to nature for fantastic orange blends and coordinating inspiration. Orange. It's a fashion-forward, feel-good color!


What's Your Style?

According to the test on, I am 100% "French Eclectic," and I totally agree!  Though I've tried out other styles with accessories, etc. in my home, I really love the elements of French decor.  This book, French Style At Home, has totally captivated my heart.  Within its pages, I've found me.  All that I adore.  My design sensibilities.  Finally figured out. 
These are some of the elements that define this style for me:

Ornate Details
© Georgios Alexandris |

 © Ichtor |

Earthy, Rustic Elements
© Phil Date |

  © W shane Dougherty |

Elegant Chandeliers
 © Serghei Starus |

   © Cristian Nitu | 

  © Helen Panphilova |  

Wrought Iron with Character
© Jolin |

   © Raycan |

Soft Palettes with an Occasional Pop of Color
  © Albo |

These are all from the Ballard Designs website.  I'm yearning for light, muted colors...
What is your style???