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Going Crazy with Raffia and Jute Twine

I am currently in the midst of a move across the country, (this East Coast girl is heading out to Colorado!), but here is a taste of some projects I was working on right up until everything had to get dumped into boxes:
I got these decorative balls on clearance at Target and fell in love with the color of this raffia from Michaels.  Everything from these balls to plastic eggs have been wrapped in this delicious turquoise.  I am so loving blue...AND my brother brought me a going away gift of two gorgeous Persian rugs that he picked up from his time overseas!!!  One (amazingly!) has turquoise in it while the other has a tan, gold and sage pattern.  I'm taking it as a deposit and a sign of greater things in our future with this huge move.  Side note:  my brother is a hero who has been serving his country for a number of years.  I am so proud of him and his dedication to excellence.    
I really like the texture of jute twine but haven't been as drawn to the natural tan color that it usually comes in.  This dark jute twine, found in the jewelry section at Michaels, suits me perfectly.  The rich color adds a level of elegance along with the rough texture.  Instead of painting this candlestick, I wrapped it in the twine for something different.  And I've wrapped numerous plastic eggs in it as well.  My Easter decor is going to go way beyond pastel colors for sure!    

I look forward to sharing the finished projects in our new place...when we are settled in a bit.  In the meantime, I may be doing some traveling make-up tips.  Something practical but fun.  Life is the adventure we make it!     

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