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Project Runway Finale Party Gush

I cannot believe that tomorrow is the day of the Project Runway Finale and Party!!!  I featured the Mondo-inspired outfit that I'm going to be wearing here, and I've also been busy creating my own " accessory wall" and putting together a "L'Oreal/Garnier Fructis" make-up and hair care case to take with me.  (Those are all Project Runway buzz words, FYI, that those of us obsessed with inspired by the show throw around to sound like we're in the know.)  I am Team Mondo all the way and have been dreaming about him and also want to be Tim Gunn when I grow up.  Does that make me weird???  Don't answer that...

My glue gun has been fired up all week with feathers, ribbon, fabric and my sanity flying about the living room, but I can't show you anything yet.  'Cause some of the accessories are surprises for my lovely design friend who's flying across the country to visit for the party and also for the delightful hostess of the event.  This fantastic soiree will be taking place on top of a mountain, and I. am. so. excited!!!  Next week, I'll (hopefully) be back to normal and will share these creations as well as some cool projects I'm starting for Christmas!!!  After searching several years for the right Advent Calendar, I finally found something that inspires me.  Stop back by, dear friends, and I promise you will not be disappointed!  In the meantime, please visit my Zoo Portrait post, as these gorgeous animals posed and showed me their animal super model-ness.  Hidden in the goofy prose are some good posing tips!


Friday Photos...Animal Portraiture

The children and I visited the Denver Zoo for the first time, and I decided to "look for the art"  vs. taking numerous photos of the kids squinting at the camera in front of every exhibit.  I have scrapbooks full of those kinds of pics.  There's nothing wrong with them, but my creative energies needed a different sort of expression. 

Presenting "Animal Portraits:"
So very kind of these grizzly bears to give me 
various angles and to hold the poses,
even in the midst of a back scratch.  
Just like a super model.  Amazing.
Loving the head angle, relaxed body language 
and fierce expression.
 Obviously not new at having his picture taken.
Displaying personality is such a key element 
to a great portrait.
You really get a sense of who these creatures are with the way they present themselves.
Fantastic profile shot,
Monsieur Elephant showing us his unique features.
What can you say about action shots?
And group photos aren't easy unless everyone cooperates, like this.
No prima flamingos here upstaging everyone else.
I spent quite a bit of time with these two fellows,
whose looks and personalities seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum.
Both captured my heart and attention.
Their expressions draw me in and make me want to know more about them.
Finally, this bundle of cuteness 
with his piercing eyes.
Brilliant color against a brilliant backdrop.
It was a gorgeous autumn day for a stroll through the zoo, and the animals wowed me with their
beautiful diversity.  
Definitely, the work of One 
amazingly creative Artist.


Wednesday Whimsy: Mondo Inspired Outfit

Do you know who Mondo is?
He's a Denver based designer currently competing on Project Runway,
an amazingly creative and talented guy, 
and also my favorite.

Next Thursday the Project Runway winner will be announced.
A dear friend is flying in from Maryland,
and we are going to a Finale Party
wearing outfits inspired by the show.

Mondo came up with this outfit for the Jackie O. challenge:
He's a genius with mixing patterns/prints 
and designing what the judges keep referring to as clothes "full of joy."

Here's how my Project Runway Finale Party outfit came together.
The purple tiered halter dress I've had for a few years,
but the houndstooth trousers were the find of the century.
One dollar at the thrift store, and a brand name too! 
On clearance last Halloween, 
these eyelashes have been waiting for the right occasion to make their debut.
They add the perfect whimsical touch, n'est-ce pas?
(I think that the L'Oreal Paris make-up artists on the show would totally approve.)
For more texture and contrast,
floral accessories and a zebra print scarf.
Zebra bag to tie in with the scarf,
Jackie O. style sunglasses,
and pointy shoes complete the look.
I may decide upon the other shoe for more height,
but here is the complete ensemble.
Am I runway-worthy in this outfit???
Do you watch Project Runway?
If so, who is your favorite???


Fabric Rosette Variations

Fabric rosettes are very popular in the blogosphere, showing up on wreaths, as jewelry, on clothing, and the way I've purposed them the most: as hair accessories.
Basically, to make fabric rosettes: 
     1. Cut a strip of fabric (width and length depend on the size you want to make - the wider the fabric strip, the taller your flower will be and the longer your fabric strip is, the wider your flower will be).  
     2.Tie a knot at one end of your fabric strip.  
     3. Wind the fabric around the knot, gluing periodically (near the middle or bottom of the strip so that the glue is not visible from the top of the rosette).  
     4.  You can leave the fabric strip straight and wrap it evenly (like the canvas one pictured above) or twist the fabric as you wrap it.
Another variation is to twist the fabric around and alternate gluing it loosely then more taut for a fuller, fluffier appearance, like the silver one on the right.  I enjoy experimenting with all kinds of fabric scraps like burlap, canvas, rayon, polyester, both solid colors and prints.  Though I've made numerous small ones, now I tie several lengths of fabric together to make a larger dramatic rosette.  Compare the two pictures above - the pair on the left are a few inches in diameter, while the one on the right is much larger.  The larger rosettes make great accessories  - simply glue a pin back to it.  Fabulous as a pop of color on a cardigan or even a hat!

Here are a few more samples of fabric rosettes that I've made...
A large pink one to adorn a headband, and small red polka dot ones to go on barrettes.
I had some fringey trim scraps and decided to use them up in a rosette.  I started with the maroon loopy trim, gluing one end in a tight circle, then wrapping the rest of it around that circle.  I added the black trim where the maroon one ended.  Together, the colors and texture create a beautiful rose!  I glued on a pin back so that this could be worn in many different ways.  Didn't it turn out lovely?
Warning!  I went a little crazy with this last one.  I started off with a medium size red polka dot rosette but felt like it needed some pizzazz.  I twisted and looped the green tulle around it to resemble leaves.  But it didn't look finished.  So I added lace trim remnant and some bling to the rosette (truth be told, there were a few spots that the glue had dried onto the top.  The rhinestones look a bit bizarre in the photos but are much prettier in person!)  After cutting out a felt circle and adhering this monstrosity to a stretchy headband, I gave it to my daughter who squealed with delight.  My little fashionista will come up with the perfect outfit to wear this funky creation.  The cool thing about this type of headpiece is that it can be worn several ways:  
     1. High on the forehead like in these photos  
     2. Lower on the forehead for a bohemian look 
     3. Low in the back towards the bun  
     4. Further back like a regular headband  
     5. Around the neck, cinched in a little, as a choker  
I'm joining these parties - don't forget to visit and check out other great ideas!
Sumo Sweet Stuff Keeping It Simple
Makingmmm button


Thrifty Finds and Spray Paint

Sumo Sweet Stuff


First, a small Autumn vignette.  
Ever since a dear friend gave me a turquoise Pashmina shawl from Turkey,
I have been inspired by that color.
I'm thinking of making it my "go to" color for holidays,
rather than the traditional oranges of autumn
and the reds/greens of Christmas.
Last year, my white Christmas tree was transformed 
with glittery turquoise ornaments.
I've had two of these wire cages for some time sitting on top of my bookcase.
One was a couple of dollars at a thrift store
while the other was snagged at my parents' house.

(Isn't it fun "shopping" in someone's garage?)
A can of turquoise spray paint on clearance at Michaels for $1.99 
transforms both of them and a rustic birdcage.
Before and After
On Monday, my favorite bargain palace ("The Unique Thrift Store") had a huge sale,
everything in the store was 50% off!
The kids and I hit the Halloween jackpot there (pictures and a post soon.)
My take-home treasures include this set of three for $1.91
that I am going to make into fun cloches.
A large birdcage also for $1.91!
I can't wait to cover it with some spray paint
after removing all of the artificial leaves.
I'm thinking white, since it's so large.

Have you found any treasures recently???
Don't forget to link up on Friday
and join my 
"Show Me Your Red" Party!!!

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