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About Me

Hello there, I'm Miki!

I came across the name 
The House of Beauty and Culture 
in a magazine article about an eclectic vintage shop in London.
I always wanted a sign on my front door with that written on it.

I am a photographer.
An artist.
A Mama of three precious gifts that inspire and fill me with joy.

  I love vintage clothing, funky jewelry, and buckled shoes.
One of my favorite childhood memories is 
when I made numerous pairs of pointy-toed shoes with paper and a stapler
because my Mom wouldn't let me play dress up in her snakeskin shoes.

Experimenting with make-up is fun!
Making things thrills me and fills me with energy.

This blog is a celebration of creativity, 
featuring photography, art, fashion, make-up, and a variety of projects.  
All the things that make life lovely and delightful!
Thank you for visiting!