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My Boys' Birthday Parties

My sons share a birthday, though they are five years apart. 
 Barnabas turned 8
Unknown to me at the time, 
my older son had prayed that his brother would be born on his birthday,
and my labor kicked in right after midnight on December 29th.
 Keizo turned 3
Because it's right after Christmas,
I make a special effort to separate the holiday from the birthdays.
The boys have an obsession a love of football, 
so the theme of this year's birthday celebration was:
"Brothers United In Their Love Of The Game." 
I decorated with the colors from The Colts and Giants,
who happen to have quarterbacks who are also brothers!
One of the most inexpensive ways to make a huge impact
and fill up a room with decor is with paper streamers.
The ceiling was covered with blue and white twisted loops and multiple pennants - 
some bought from the store and some homemade.
 An apothecary jar filled with footballs.
And a football to serve napkins. 
Football cakes for the birthday boys!
Big sister, Mireille, with a party guest 
More party guests enjoying the treats! 
Keizo had a preschool party in the morning,
and Barnabas went swimming at the Recreation Center with his friends
in the afternoon before coming back to the house for an evening tailgate party:
homemade chili, nachos with cheese, chicken nuggets, hotdogs.
We capped the evening off with competitive dancing
via Just Dance 2 for the Wii.
Our new family obsession!!!


Bree said...

what a great party! how fun and how wonderful the boys share a birthday! happy new year!

Just Being....Me said...

Super cute!! I love it!!