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Using Red to Combat the Blues

This year has started off kind of rough for me. 
After wallowing for a few days, 
I kicked myself in the pants and decided to fight the blues. 
With some red.
Red lipstick, or some shade/variation of it, 
every day for a few weeks to see how it impacts my life. 
See, the thing with red is that it's a bold, in-your-face color.
Especially on your lips.
It's an "I am woman, hear me roar" kind of statement.

Elegant, but fierce.
 And I need some of that fierceness right now,
to help combat the rising tide of blues that overwhelm me at times.
I'll take fiery passion and attitude over shrinking violet any day.
And part of that stance involves looking the part.
Hence the Red.

What are some of your strategies to stir things up in your life 
and combat the threatening grays and weepy blues?

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Domestic Diva said...

Don't cry shop girl! I am here for you! I love you sooo much, and I praise God that you are in my I combat the blues with family and friends gathering together and playing games and just being around people! I also pray that I would see myself as God sees me and pray for others that may have a worse situation then myself!! I am available for either!!!