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Project Runway Finale Party Gush

I cannot believe that tomorrow is the day of the Project Runway Finale and Party!!!  I featured the Mondo-inspired outfit that I'm going to be wearing here, and I've also been busy creating my own " accessory wall" and putting together a "L'Oreal/Garnier Fructis" make-up and hair care case to take with me.  (Those are all Project Runway buzz words, FYI, that those of us obsessed with inspired by the show throw around to sound like we're in the know.)  I am Team Mondo all the way and have been dreaming about him and also want to be Tim Gunn when I grow up.  Does that make me weird???  Don't answer that...

My glue gun has been fired up all week with feathers, ribbon, fabric and my sanity flying about the living room, but I can't show you anything yet.  'Cause some of the accessories are surprises for my lovely design friend who's flying across the country to visit for the party and also for the delightful hostess of the event.  This fantastic soiree will be taking place on top of a mountain, and I. am. so. excited!!!  Next week, I'll (hopefully) be back to normal and will share these creations as well as some cool projects I'm starting for Christmas!!!  After searching several years for the right Advent Calendar, I finally found something that inspires me.  Stop back by, dear friends, and I promise you will not be disappointed!  In the meantime, please visit my Zoo Portrait post, as these gorgeous animals posed and showed me their animal super model-ness.  Hidden in the goofy prose are some good posing tips!

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