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1700 Miles Later

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I apologize for the lack of postings....we just moved!  And I am digging my way out of cardboard boxes, trying to create some pretty in the midst of this chaos.  It's kind of nice, actually, to have a blank slate to work with.  I look forward to sharing photos of our cozy new home...soon.  The Habitat for Humanity resale store (right around the way!) had some amazing finds for us - we got a wood twin bed and desk for $15.00 each!  And I am finally near a Hobby Lobby store, which I've heard mentioned so many times in other creative blogs.  I cannot wait to go treasure hunting!  In the meantime, I have artwork and curtains to hang, a French room to create and sports themed items to locate.  More soon!!!

And the above picture is a good representation of the breathtaking view of the mountains we get to see as we cruise around town.  I can't wait to get my camera out and capture some of the beauty of this amazing place.  Ahh, I think I like it here!

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Anonymous said...

What a view. Have a wonderful week.