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What's Your Style?

According to the test on, I am 100% "French Eclectic," and I totally agree!  Though I've tried out other styles with accessories, etc. in my home, I really love the elements of French decor.  This book, French Style At Home, has totally captivated my heart.  Within its pages, I've found me.  All that I adore.  My design sensibilities.  Finally figured out. 
These are some of the elements that define this style for me:

Ornate Details
© Georgios Alexandris |

 © Ichtor |

Earthy, Rustic Elements
© Phil Date |

  © W shane Dougherty |

Elegant Chandeliers
 © Serghei Starus |

   © Cristian Nitu | 

  © Helen Panphilova |  

Wrought Iron with Character
© Jolin |

   © Raycan |

Soft Palettes with an Occasional Pop of Color
  © Albo |

These are all from the Ballard Designs website.  I'm yearning for light, muted colors...
What is your style???


Mommy of Two said...

That picture of the chandalier (that's spelled wrong..) from underneath is really cool! I'm not big on the French style for my home but I still think it's pretty. :)

Cute blog!

Janean said...

miki, i'm with you on the french! actually i'm a french country/norwegian/with a teeny bit of rustic old world spanish.

beautiful. beautiful post!