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Orange You Glad?

From advertisements to lipsticks, orange has been showing up a lot lately. I have always been drawn to the color orange - it's a whimsical, not-too-serious color with a bold impact. It's not as strong as red or as cheerful as yellow, but it is a blend of both. It conjures up cozy images of Autumn...falling leaves, pumpkins, and a roaring fire. And the optimism of Spring rolling into Summer...bright flowers, citrus fruits, and lingering sunsets. Oranges range from a fiery splash to a gentle peach and everything in between.
© Jurgen Kleykamp |
© Jurgita Genyte |
© Anna Rutkovskaya |
© Nikolay Okhitin |
© Luba V Nel |
© Sherri Camp |
Consider orange as a splash to your Spring and Summer wardrobe or on your face with a sweep of eyeshadow or lipstick. For a more subtle look to enhance a healthy glow, try peach blushes and lip gloss. Look to nature for fantastic orange blends and coordinating inspiration. Orange. It's a fashion-forward, feel-good color!

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