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Bright Eyes

It's been awhile since I've talked about make-up, though I enjoy experimenting with new looks all the time.  Insomnia, stress, grief, hormonal fluctuations, etc. have taken a toll on my face in recent weeks, but I am delighted with the results of "the Bright Eye," which has been popular in commercials and on the red carpet recently.  
I always start off with an all over dusting of a pale, neutral eye color as a base.  For this look, lightly line the bottom of your eye (on the outside), along the base of your eyelashes with a white eyeliner.  (In my experience, it is worth investing a few more dollars into a quality white eyeliner pencil.  The cheap ones are thick and crumbly, while a good eyeliner goes on smoothly.)  Blend it in gently - you don't want a clumpy or chalky, heavy line. 

Tip:  I avoid putting eyeliner on the insides of my eyelids to avoid irritation (tears and red eyes will ruin the look!)  Eye pencils and make-up tools can harbor lots of bacteria, so it's better to be safe than infected.  Besides, I think eyeliner on the inside of the lid makes eyes look smaller.
Next, I dipped my brush into shimmery white eyeshadow and tapped off the excess several times before sweeping it over my lids and over the eyeliner along the bottom of my eyes.  With a blending brush, I lightly went over the areas around my eyes to smooth and soften the effect.  Curled eyelashes, several coats of mascara, and black liquid eyeliner finished the eyes, and I chose a rose colored blush and lipstick for an overall softer look.  

Here's a funny face for you, since make-up posts can tend to be all about the ooh-la-la outcome.   

And see how well the "Bright Eye" holds up if the world suddenly goes black & white?!?   
The "Bright Eye" is a versatile and fresh look...try it!

Tip:  If you don't wear liquid eyeliner, you can line the top lid and/or apply a darker eyeshadow around the top base of your lashes.    

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful eyes and a great lesson but boo hoo, my eyes are now too wrinkly - at 53 - to wear shimmery anything. Any ideas for me??? Hugs.

Miki said...

Thanks for your comment! You inspired me to do a follow-up post on the "Mature Bright Eye!" MIKI