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So I Went Red

 The pictures in my last post were just for fun, representing possible changes in my blog...but I really liked the red, though I would never color my hair the same as Ronald McDonald.  At least, I don't think I would.  Too much maintenance.
I mentioned in a previous post about my mom and I sharing a fascination with Sophia Loren.  And my mom spent the early seventies sporting an auburn hue.  It was time for me to join the ranks and let out my own inner red. Though my hair is not as big as theirs.  Too much maintenance.  
 Whaddya think???    
 Take a quick peek from every angle...
 By the way, check out my ski slope nose (below).  I used to put a clothespin on it when I was little (like Amy from Little Women) hoping for a regal American nose.  With nostrils that flared. Er, I digress.  Back to the topic at hand...
I'm liking the red.  It goes along well with my new running persona (snort, giggle, rotfl)...what running persona???  You can read about that here.  Anyhooooo, change is good. Turning 40 in six months is starting to look better too.  What about you?  What new things have you tried recently?  Any challenges you've overcome?  I'd love to hear about it!   


BARBIE said...

I LOVE the red. Very daring and bold! You are truly making a statement!

Monika Wright said...

The red looks great, but you look equally stunning in the darker hue in your bio photo. I'm thrilled to see that you are a reader of iloveitall! Thanks. We, too, have a almost 5-year old that sounds like your 2-year old. If it's quiet, watch out. admire you for homeschooling, it's a big job.