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Do It Yourself Day: Pumpkin Topiaries & Framed Drawing of A Lady

I still had a few smaller pumpkins laying around, purposeless and placed here and there. Not a big fan of randomness, I saw the potential impact they could have grouped together. Out came the glue gun.

After popping off the plastic stems, I glued them together to create pumpkin topiaries. Thought about trying to dress them up with ribbon or leaves, but they are a rustic blend of colors with two that are beaded, so I left them as is. Though white pumpkins are gorgeous and so versatile, I have a soft spot for the original orange. Look what I came across the other day in a box of frames packed away! This was the last drawing I did prior to having children, and I’d forgotten all about it. Next to it is the postcard image I based my drawing on, but my lady’s personality revealed itself and some adjustments to her face and expression were made. Well, it’s time for this lady to be dusted off and featured somewhere prominent! As well as my drawing pencils… well, dusted off but not featured. I’ve been wanting to do a huge portrait of one of my wedding pictures, and our 10th anniversary is in three weeks. Yikes!


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I love the look of pumpkin topiaries and how nice to find something you love but forgot about :0);

jenjen said...

What fun pumpkin topiaries! Really good idea!

ANd beautiful picture!