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Art Inspired Table and Room

I'm joining these parties today:
Always Nesting

GO check out the amazing creativity and get some inspiration!
This is the focal point of our living room area:

And the color palette for the room comes from this work of art:

I wrapped black jute twine around a pair of candlesticks and topped them with my vintage glass knobs (from our previous home, a 1940s Cape Cod).  With a toddler running around, I don't burn candles often and wanted something different for the candlestick to hold. 

Inside the terrarium are several egg cups I found at a thrift store, holding plastic eggs that I covered with jute twine and turquoise raffia and my cutie-pie mercury glass birds.  

I relocated my wooden pears to hang from the iron holder to the left side of the table - I love re-using my favorite elements and accessories! 

Under the table...

...several decorative balls bought on clearance that I wrapped with the black jute twine,

and a vintage picnic basket, my first purchase ever on Ebay!  It was a local seller, so I saved on shipping by picking it up in an antique store downtown.  I felt a tad sheepish paying $3.00 for my item while everything else in the store was priced mega expensive...but the feeling left as I skipped back to my car with glee!  

Some other elements in the room...  
This window is also a remnant from our Cape Cod.  I matted these portraits for an art show (my cuties are at the top and bottom of the window.)  The hooks are for the kids' library book bags. 

These hooks are for my purses and Mr. Nice Guy's bag.

Gold fringe tassels to accent the sheer curtains

Funky fabric covered pendant lamp with gold trim

Decorative pillow

More colorful art:

Voila!  An overview of our art inspired table and living room!


Cass @ That Old House said...

Love the artwork! And I love the piece with the children's pictures and hooks -- wonderful idea. Lovely vignettes!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Looks like you are getting settled into your new home nicely! I love those old glass knobs and you've displayed them so uniquely. The pics of your kiddos in the old window are precious. Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

Girl, it's feeling like home. Yeah. Love all the color you've brought into the room. The art is fantastic. Woo Hoo!!

I'm so glad you could link to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and join the fun. Join me in a glass of wine? :)

Laura said...

I've given you a Sunshine Award!