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DIY Day: Showstopper Floral Headpieces


Today is DIY Day at A Soft Place To Land!!! Go check out the other projects and be inspired!!!

In anticipation of my 10th Wedding Anniversary party (hurray!!!), I wanted to make something dramatic, whimsical yet elegant as part of my celebratory outfit. My dress was a deep plum-colored tiered dress, and the colors of a faux floral bouquet sitting in my craft box matched it perfectly. I made three different headpieces in total, not sure which one would suit me on the day of the party. For each of the headpieces:

  1. I cut a rectangular piece of black felt (since my hair is dark).
  2. Next, I poked the flowers through little slits I’d made in the felt.
  3. Then I secured the flowers to the felt with a dab of hot glue.
  4. Finally, I wrapped the longer sides of the felt rectangle around either the headband or hair clip and glued the seams together with more hot glue

Headpiece #1: made with a thin, purple fabric headband purchased from Target

Headpiece #2: a plain metal hair clip from Michaels Headpiece #3: a metal headband with two bars going across – I used two different types of flowers, the purple and a dark sage one that complemented it. This is the headpiece I ended up wearing to the party. The headbands can be worn high on top of the head or lower on the forehead so that the flowers frame the face. The hairclip can be worn in the back with the hair twisted or in an elegant chignon or closer to the front, also framing the face. I love how versatile and fun they are – little girls aren’t the only ones who enjoy wearing flowers in their hair. Fancy hair decor is for all ages!

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