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A Celebration of Certain Blues

It's probably quite obvious, with the new background and header on my blog,
that I am obsessed with the lighter, whimsical yet rich shades of blue.
Teal, Turquoise, Robin's Egg Blue...
I am quite the admirer of the pops of color and visual interest
these color variations add.
After lamenting the fact that I wasn't connecting with the thrift stores in my town,
I came across a store called "The Unique Thrift Store" about 20 minutes away.
Whoo Hoo!  And they've got a ton of treasures,
like this marvelous candlestick.
These birds, originally dark brown, were found in the Dollar Store 
and spruced up with Robin's Egg Blue craft paint.
Though Easter was months ago, I still have some eggs out and about.
Inexpensive plastic eggs are great to experiment with...
Cream and Robin's Egg Blue craft paint 
and wrapping with Black Jute twine,
Or with Turquoise raffia.
Details on a decorative pillow.
And finally, my favorite ring and earrings.
The ring was my grandmother's,
and the earrings were purchased in Maine.
They both add that certain je ne sais quoi factor
to an outfit.

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Anonymous said...

Love it all. I love the color brown and blue together with a pop of white.