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Christmas Decor, Part II

A peek at more of our Christmas Decor...
I have one section dedicated to traditional colors
Plus a couple of jolly fellows...
One with a song and dance 
and a sporty guy.
(Have to feature masculine elements for the poor fellows in our household)
A birdcage filled with a star and silver/gold ornaments
Holiday books
A Christmas Deer
And a sparkly, jewel-toned section
Birds of a different feather
Ornaments...what can I say?  
Pink looks great on a white tree!

The angel that graced my childhood Christmas Tree
ushering in the true reason for this blessed season...


Anonymous said...

Oh Miki, each and every photo is just beautiful!! I bet your kids are soooo excited to have the house decorated.

BARBIE said...

You have some of the most beautiful decor I've seen this year! Just beautiful!

Domestic Diva said...

So fun!! Happy decorating ;)