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Christmas Decor Projects, Part I

A few Christmas decor projects...
I finally got around to making a garland of my own 
(they've only been floating around the blogosphere like forever),
so I combined my obsession fondness for the 12 Days of Christmas with twine 
and hung this across my bookshelves.
I scored these crackers at my mother-in-law's house last year
when I saw them lying around unopened.
After eyeballing them with envy for a few days, 
I finally asked her casually what her plans were for them.
A gift from an acquaintance, was I interested in them?
Um...YES!  HELLO?!?
I eagerly popped open each cracker,
filling the room with the scent of worries,
and tenderly embraced each of the symbols.
Aren't they gorgeous?
Do you remember these thrift store finds?
I found some miniature cakes in the dollhouse furniture section at Hobby Lobby
and attached them to the top of two of the glass bells.
Since they'll be used all year, 
I wanted something whimsical vs. Christmasy.
The objects inside will be swapped out, of course.  
This last bell has a simple white ball glued to its dome,
to balance out the personality of the other two.
This final project was inspired by one featured on 
Buy a large vase, glass candlestick and small bowls (they come in a set of three) 
from the Dollar Store.
The small bowl fits the opening of the vase.
If it wiggles around a bit (like mine did), 
then apply a thin strip of hot glue to the rim and let it harden completely.
That'll make the fit better.
I attached a glass handle that I had leftover from another projects,
but the original project featured glass knobs from Walmart.
Glue the vase onto a candlestick.
A lovely, tall, inexpensive apothecary jar!
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