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Dream With Me...

There is just something about the shop pictured above that I just adore.
The stone exterior.  Vivid blue shutters.
Wood beams on the ceilings.
The pop of green on the inside.
Tile floor patterns.
It reminds of the months I spent in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
A charming city within a city,
the Old Town has a coliseum built in the 2nd Century
as well as Roman gates and walls.
In the city center, there are many cute shops
featuring Bulgarian designers.
One lady I met through my host made me 
a dress to wear at my wedding reception.

Dream with me for a moment,
that the shop in the picture is my own little boutique.
What would I feature?
Certainly, an eclectic assortment of vintage clothing,
one of a kind jewelry pieces made by artistic friends,
purses galore, and shoes.
Lots and lots of fun shoes.

These below are from my closet.
Never thought of myself as a "shoe girl"
but I tend to like interesting footwear.
At a steal.
These were purchased when I was on the hunt for black shoes 
to wear to my Mom's memorial service.  
I refused to get something safe and boring,
wanting to a) have shoes that I'd wear again 
and b) remember my Mom and her great sense of fashion and style.
They're surprisingly comfortable.  And were 1/3 the original price.
These shoes pay homage to my Mom's pointy-toed snakeskin heels
that started my fascination with funky fashion in the first place.
Tragic was the day my ten year old feet grew out of them.
But the vibrant orange soothes my wounded memory.
A delicate shoe for spring and summer,
acquired in the best way possible -
never worn and given to me!
Pointy-toes with a slight heel,
just waiting for an invitation to a garden party.


Anonymous said...

That's it! A Garden Party :)!!! What a fun event for fun shoes. If you can't find one you'll have to have one.

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Oooo, I love a good shoe!