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Dreaming in the Midst of Winter

Do you dream in color or in black & white?
Let me simplify...
What is your dream?
Stuck in the barren landscape of winter with mounds of stubborn snow, it's hard to imagine warmer days and the soft, fresh breeze of Spring. Likewise, the current circumstances of my life leave me feeling a little trapped, hope for relief too far a distance away.
But it's just a mirage. Because in a matter of weeks, signs of life will be evident all over, the delicious breeze a welcoming embrace. To a new season.
And so are the seasons of life. Underneath the surface of today are the slowly unfolding seeds of hope for tomorrow. The hard work of today and faithful prayers reaping rewards and answers right around the bend. It's coming, I know it.
In the meantime, dreams...
My husband and I once saw an old, run-down theater near our home that inspired us to consider creating a small, community playhouse for amateur performances. Theatrical productions of all varieties. Original works and garage bands. Dancers and poetry readings. Musicals. I would like to make this happen one day.
Transforming an ugly duckling old home into Cinderella at the ball is a long-standing desire of mine too. We almost purchased a fixer-upper Victorian house a few years ago with a gorgeous, winding staircase and wrap-around porch. The slum lord had turned it into three apartments, slapping up dividers haphazardly as well as stringing electricity on the outside of the walls. A family of hoarders lived on the ground level, a prostitute on the second, and a couple that didn't mind living among dog droppings and giant roaches on the third. With a newborn baby, it was a crazy thing to consider. Ugh, the clean-up alone would have driven us over the edge. But still the house was amazing.
More dreams...
A gallery showing of my photographs and art, one day.
Amateur ballroom dancing competitions with my husband, one day. I am so blessed - he is an amazing dancer !
A Bed & Breakfast with crisp white sheets. A long, rustic dining room table. A garden of hydrangeas with a gurgling river close by.
An apartment in Paris, with daily walks to gain inspiration for art and books.
Actually, I'd love to walk in many cities all over the world. It's in walking around, taking in the sights and smells, that I've learned the most about the people and places I have visited. Childhood memories of Tokyo. Navigating the marketplace labyrinth in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Coming across the exuberant dancing of a gypsy wedding celebration in a village in Bulgaria. Amsterdam, a city made just for walking and discovery. And stepping into the uncomfortable shoes of a season of unemployment, but growing in the understanding of challenges many people face here in the States.
    The dark winter days are short and cold. Sometimes you have to huddle for warmth. Light a fire, cuddle under a blanket with a soothing cup of tea. The lingering, sun-kissed days of summer will shine again soon. In the meantime, dream.

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