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Dance. Delight. Risk. Love. Celebrate.

Days 8-9

 Starting this year,
'cause 40 is the start of a new adventure in oh so many ways,
I will...

Dance more often.
I love to dance.
Disco, salsa, merengue, goofball moves in my kitchen with my Ipod.
Don't get me started about the joys of Just Dance for the Wii.

Be delighted.
There are so many things in the course of the every day that are delightful.
Giggling. The sweetness of an orange. A scented candle.
Breathing in and out.

Share my heart. Try. Look deeper.
Face instead of turning away.
Really feel the emotions.

Freely. Wholeheartedly. Extravagantly.
Basking in the way He loves me so very, very much.
Receive love.

Celebrate Life.

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BARBIE said...

A beautiful list of goals!